Approach Consulting Project

Depending on your needs, I can drive or assist in one or more of the phases of a typical strategic planning cycle.

Phase 1: Assessment (1..2 days)

  • Interviews with you and your business leaders to develop an understanding of your company’s key levers for driving profitability and growth
  • Setting objectives and time frame of the consulting project

Phase 2: Planning (3..8 days)

  • Collaboration with your teams to develop your business plan, customized to your situation
  • Identify additional growth opportunities
  • Financial & Resource-planning

Phase 3: Implementation/Execution (x days)

  • Coaching during implementation of your business plan
  • Adjustment of your business plan according to changing needs
  • Operational advise

Phase 4: Evaluation (2 days)

  • Have the objectives been met?
  • Has the project been executed within budget?
  • Has the project been executed within the initial time frame?
  • Lessons learned, further work

Of course, we can customize this proposed approach to your specific environment and needs. Not all phases may be necessary for you, also your time-frame and expectations may be different. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss the optimal approach for you.