Competences G4G Consulting

Your success is important to me! G4G stands for Go For Growth: I want to help you to accelerate your business.

Business Strategy

I can help you to formulate, implement and evaluate cross-functional decisions that will enable your organization to achieve its long-term objectives.

Marketing- & Sales Strategy

I can help you to build an integrated strategy reflecting the stages of the customer's buying journey through the sales pipeline.

Product Management & Product Strategy

My market-driven focus helps you to develop products people want to buy.

Financial Strategy

I can help you to manage your financial resources so as to achieve your business objectives and maximize its value in the long term.

Business Development & Account Management

By developing a deep and thorough understanding of your customers, I can help you in implementing growth opportunities between multiple organizations.

Project Management

By applying my knowledge, skills, and techniques I can help you tp execute your projects effectively and efficiently.

Execution of Strategic Programs

I can help you to bridge the difficult gap between the development of your strategy and real-life execution.

Coaching during Execution

I can coach you in the complex task of constantly improving, prioritizing, planning and executing your strategy.

International Business

With my strong cross-cultural communication skills and a high level of adaptability to varying cultural expectations in a global business environment, I can help you to overcome the challenges in operating in a truly international environment.

Connecting Belgium with Germany

Due to my German roots and extensive professional experience in Germany and Belgium I am perfectly suited to help Belgian small, medium and large enterprises to develop (new) business in Germany; and vice versa: help German companies in doing business in Belgium.


I have a passion for technology, so if you are in the high-tech industry (telecoms, IT, ...) this is perfect. If you're not, I definitely can help you using the advantages of high-tech to accelerate your business.